Come and See!

Come and See…Jesus!

What do we know about him?

Well, just about everyone on the planet at least knows about his birthday! His entrance into the world created quite the sensation causing some to wonder, some to rejoice, and others to be filled with anxiety, fear and hatred (while others began to compulsively shop! But we won’t go there now!) And that was when he was just an infant sleeping quietly in his mother’s arms!

So one could only imagine what would happen when he started walking and talking!

Fast forward 30 years... two curious disciples of John the Baptist asked Jesus where He was staying and Jesus said, “Come and see.” After spending the day with Him, they led others to Jesus... who led others...who led others to... (you guessed it) "come and see.” Nathanael couldn't imagine anything worthwhile coming from Nazareth, but Philip encouraged him with, “Come and see!

Isn’t it nice when a store’s employee walks with you to help you find what you’re looking for? In that spirit we invite you to walk alongside us, to come and see some of what this Jesus is up to in our neck of the woods! We are on a curious path - reaching out to people on both ends of the law while continuing to serve in Cru! Where is He taking us? This is not what we expected! It's an adventure! Come with us!

Stroll through our pages and then leave us a note in our "guest book!" Thanks for visiting!

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