As they say, “inquiring minds want to know....”

I love personality inventory assessments! They assign such life-affirming labels to my hard wiring, attributes that my mother could deftly spin in an entirely different direction. I have distinct memories of her describing my natural inquisitiveness (aka INPUT), this precious, ought-to-be-nurtured and applauded propensity to collect information about my world as…wait for it … NOSINESS!

Yes, scarred I am, but healing nicely thanks to all the personality gurus out there. Please don’t think unkindly of my mother. She meant well. Really, is there a child out there who doesn’t follow her mother around? Isn’t it important to know what she’s doing in the bathroom? Shouldn’t I care about those little numbers on her bathroom scales? Because, after all, after reading those numbers she would get very annoyed! Even depressed! (Did I mention that I am also EMPATHETIC?) I developed serious convictions about weight management after watching her demonstrate the art of coaxing a girdle up over those bumps and lumps. It did not look like she was having fun! Sadly I could go on....

Wondering, I looked up CURIOSITY and NOSINESS. It seems that a fine line separates them. One is appropriate and healthy while the other is …not so much! Ok, so maybe time and experience have sanded off the rough edges of my need to know while gently propelling me toward that which will truly satisfy my thirst for information – that which will nourish my mind, heart & soul – and maybe even be of help to others.

Psalm 119:9-10 says, “How can a young man (or in my case, a middle-aged woman… I know, I know…I have to get used to…how about “older woman?”) Ok, back to the Bible, “How can a woman keep her way pure? By living according to your word. I seek you with all my heart.”

Seeking God…that’s the road I’m on. I want to know him, planting his word in the soil of my mind and heart and letting him transform me from the inside out. I would love your input as I work out these musings, pondering and thoughts accumulated over many miles and kilometers of living that I long to ORGANIZE (yes … another trait that some may disdainfully view as OCD while I much prefer the angle of gift-to-the-clutter-lovers-of-the world), and grapple with the awesomeness of the words in 2 Corinthians 1:16, we have the mind of Christ. Now that is something to be curious about!

My mother is no longer fretting over extra pounds, girdles and nosy little girls. She is basking in the delight of knowing Jesus. I can’t wait to join her. “Hey, Mom...” Oh the questions I have for her!

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